A Restaurant Ordering Management App.

Project Overview

We all know how the restaurant and cafes are being managed in traditional manner. Many people have experienced going to a restaurant where there is a lack of attention from the wait staff. The orders given being written into the dockets manually and passed on further. The paper menus can be hard to navigate, and outdated. To leverage the growing mobile industry, the solution we have developed a system named Kalash Restaurant Ordering System (Kalash ROS) that provides an interactive tablet based menu that replaces the paper docket entirely and removes much of the need to be written down by the restaurant’s wait staff. It’s moreover an Android Based Application that manages the orders and tables along with providing service facility to the customers.

This Kalash ROS system will replace the paper waste, is more maintainable, and allows for greater customer engagement. The services that are provided is food ordering and reservation table management by the customer through the system, customer information management and waiter information management, menu information management and report generation.


  • IRD approved Software for Billing
  • User Friendly Design and Touch Friendly layouts
  • Add Menu Items with Image
  • KOT(Kitchen Order Ticket) Management
  • Member Management
  • Waiter Management
  • Table management
  • Menu Management
  • Multiple Users
  • User access control Feature
  • Auto posting of sales and purchase to system
  • Tablet based ordering supported
  • Instant menu creation option for specially ordered items
  • Bill Splitting Option
  • Menu wise, KOT/BOT wise, category wise sales reports


In conclusion Kalash ROS system intends to bring better advancement and improvement in managing the restaurant facility with its smart features.