Anup Kitchen


Project Overview

Journey was started after moving abroad Anup the food blogger decide to start youtube channel related to traditional and modern cooking recipes.As he started youtube channel for a decade, he felt something was missing regarding digital marketing and easy access of recipes to his subscribers.When he first approached with Beetech Solution, he was at middle of nowhere so we arranged few meetings and overcame with a solution of building website, Native Android  app and IOS through which he could be more touchy with his subscriber directly.

Solution Design


Initially to manage content with super flexibility of content management system we used WordPress platform through which Anup Kitchen can add new recipes with all feature of CMS.

Android app / IOS app:

With the base of well managed website for more reach upon his subscriber we developed Android as well as IOS application with which Anup covered lacking gaps between his subscriber.


Through elegance of design and simplicity of use, Anup Kitchen is an app that isolates no particular audience. An App created with its own aim that promotes continued user engagement and retention.