Color Plus

A Complete Costmatics  Cosmo

Project Overview

Colorplus is the initiative, which started +144 months ago and has grown into one of the largest platform with 200,000+ satisfied customers.As it is the largest platform,there are various types of cosmetics so in order to flow the varieties product information towards customers Beetech Solution and colorplus team came up with best solution of creating website.The major decision of creating website influence good vibes on customers about product and its information.

Solution Design

Intuitive Backend Management of Clients: From the technical side, Beetech Solution also had to consider ease of use for colorplus cosmetics themselves. Given the volume and frequency of updates to the platform they need to make, we needed to ensure it was convenient to do. Utilising WordPress’ powerful platform, Beetech solution created a management system that suited colorplus cosmetics needs perfectly.

Flow Structuring: Using our breadth of experience, we proposed way that would make it as intuitive for users to access the information users need conveniently. Thus, users were able to have the optimised navigation experience.


Excellent communication and workflow meant that the resulting product turned out as expected by Inertia. The website is an excellent example of beautiful user experience, with functionalities like purchasing and streaming that complement this experience.