Dlite Oats

Premium Quality of Oats

Project Overview

Dlite food packaging industries mainly focus on manufacture of natural premium oats which are imported from Australia. There main product is name as D’lite Oats which is manufactured and processes in-house with preserving the freshness and natural nutrient level of imported oats quality.

However, manufacturing and maintaining the quality of product is not enough and possible to acquire target market so they came with digital marketing solution, But with limited source and knowledge they were on different dimension. After consultation with expertise of Beetech Solution, they decided to take first step as building website in which Beetech involved directly to develop website with best UI/UX solution.

Solution Design

Responsive Website: Beetech Solution understands that the online mobile space is not something that can be ignored, so we have provided a fully responsive website that looks beautiful and delivers the appropriate information on devices of all sizes.

Incredibly Intuitive Interface: The last thing users want is to rack their brains trying to navigate a website. Beetech solution has created a very simple interface that is accessible to everyone who visits Dlite Oats website.


To remake a website is no easy task and Beetech Solution certainly rose to the challenge to create a website that has clean and neat aesthetics, aligning with the organic brand established by the family owned business.