GA Smart Housing

Build Smart House And Be Assured

Project Overview

GA Smart Housing is a professionally experienced and innovative team dedicated to setting new standards in modular house design, real estate development and construction in Nepal. There motto is to provide the highest possible levels of client service, quality, and integrity. They were requiring a modern website to represent their brand in the market. The management team from GA Smart Housing came for a coffee and with the team of experts from Beetech Solution, a basic concept of the website was developed. Beetech solution actively engaged GA Smart Housing throughout the process to accomplish their motto by building responsive website and content management system .

Solution Design

Multi-level filtering and categorisation: The GA wanted more of a focus on the multiplicity offered by their business to be showcased on their website. As part of this, it was imperative that the categorisation of information was approached in the best manner. Our technical team took care to ensure that we understood what was required here, and challenged ourselves to execute.

Development and Maintenance of Website: Beetech solution offered GA Smart housing the expertise they needed in the technical department, both on the front-end and back-end development of this site. Our technical team and the team at GA Smart housing collaborated so that we were able to execute on the concepts and ideas presented with precision. Beetech Solution continues to work with GA Smart Housing, handling the maintenance of their site, with the aim of consistent improvement and optimisation.