Maitri News

News Portal from Nepal, Political, Travel & Tourism, Business, Sports, international, Local, entertainment, Social and Crime news.

Project Overview

Mairi News is an online news portal operated by a team of experienced and hardworking journalists, with expertise in politics, economy, entertainment and current affairs. With existing website, Maitri news team came with android mobile idea in which beetech solution made it possible. So that, latest news published by it was easily reachable to its users.

Maitra News has launched its Android application to share the latest news around the world. The news that are published in Maitri News web portal can also be viewed through its native Android mobile application.  The app integrates seamlessly with the web portal and users are notified with the current important news feeds through the mobile application.

Solution Design

Promoting latest news through Android application, Maitri News has changed its media marketing strategy by engaging its current user base with its mobile app. With user centric design created by Beetech Solution, the maitri news team has been able to better serve its target audience. The app features Android FCM notification, through which users receive latest news which has increased the interaction of the user with the app. Taking the user’s habit on note, news bookmark feature has been added to the app, that enables users to save important news. The accessibility of the app has been greatly considered in the UI/UX design of the app, user can increase or decrease the font size within in the app while reading the news.


Keeping in mind the audience, and the Maitrinews, Beetech Solution designed an interface featuring bright and vibrant colours, creating a fun experience for users, drawing in the large audience.